All About Bed Toppers, Mattress Toppers, and Pads

What Is a Bed Topper?

This is a detachable cushioned layer of bedding placed on top of your mattress and is primarily used to enhance its comfortability, support and cover its limitations. Bed toppers offer mattresses an extension of about 4-8 inches, which is yields a more luxurious feel. Mattress toppers are widely used for support if the mattress is too thin or old and give a softer feel to your resting. They can be strapped to prevent sliding out to the sides of your bed, or simply be placed on top then harnessed with the normal beddings.  

Is a Mattress Topper the Same as a Mattress Pad?

These are two different beddings. A mattress pad is a thin fitted sheet that covers the exterior of your mattress, protecting entry of any stains, moisture or allergens, hence preventing wear and tear. Mattress pads are used to prolong the life of your mattress, improving its hygiene, comfort, endurance and reliability. For the fact that the mattress pad is predominantly used for protection, one can argue that both ‘enhance support’. However, the roles and purposes each occupy are separate and clearly specialized; the pad protects while the topper comforts.

Do Mattress Toppers Really Work?

Yes, bed toppers do work. They are used to cover the weakness of a too soft or firm mattress by making it comfortable, hence saving you the costs of acquiring a new one. The key to getting the right topper is to know the problem of your mattress first. Toppers are designed to ease pain, align your back well and increase the comfort to give you sound sleep. The essence of buying a topper is to cover the weaknesses of your mattress. If your mattress is too soft and you need some firmness, then go for a firmer topper and vice-versa.

Shopping for a Mattress Topper

The answer to having the precise bed topper for your mattress depends on your style of sleeping, the feel you want and the state of your mattress. However, the issue comes when trying to decide whether to take the firm or soft bed topper. If your mattress is too firm, a soft topper will cushion your body and release the pain your body could be experiencing.
If you are a back sleeper, buying a firm one will work in aligning your body and preventing pain. For a side sleeper, a softer feel will work for your position with a middle cushioning right for stomach sleepers. To be sure, consult your chiropractor or doctor just to be professionally informed on what would truly work for you. You can choose foam toppers, which can be pricey, wool and cotton for a natural solution or latex toppers.

How Do I Use a Mattress Topper?

Using a topper is quite easy. The topper should sit right above the mattress. Remove the beddings and your mattress pad then place it on top of the mattress. If the topper came with straps, fit it and then harness your topper with your pad. Finishing off with making your bed.

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