What are mattress toppers?

Soft-Tex manufactures the highest quality mattress toppers that give beds the ultimate boost in comfort. Featuring the highest quality fills and luxury fabrics, Soft-Tex toppers help rejuvenate an old mattress or add a layer of plush comfort.

fiberbed in a bedroom scene


Fiberbeds are made with synthetic polyester fiber. Fiberbeds offer a fluffable down-like feel for a plush layer of comfort to your bed. The ability to be machine-washed makes them easy to clean and maintain.


Hybrid mattress toppers blend other materials with fiberfill.

This unique topper construction offers second-to-none pressure relieving support and the plush comfort of fiber filled toppers. This is ideal for those seeking enhanced support from a fiberbed but still prefer the fluffability not found in slab memory foam toppers.

These product lines combine cooling gel beads with luxury fiberfill for an elevated fiberbed experience. This proprietary blend is unique to Soft-Tex and has coordinate products available in pillows and mattress pads.

hybrid-toppers on a bed in bedroom
slab-memory-foam-topper on a bed in bedroom


Soft-Tex’s collection of slab memory foam toppers are thick pieces of luxury memory foam that cover the entire surface of your current mattress. Featuring the icool technology system, the toppers feature advanced ventilation and responsive memory foams for enhanced comfort. Many of our toppers also feature luxury circular knit fabric covers with added cooling or stain protection benefits. We also have several lines featuring wellness infusions like bamboo charcoal in the foam or fabric. Soft-Tex slab memory foam toppers are available in 1.5 in., 2 in,, 3 in., or 4 in models.